Neuton Releases New Range of Tyres

YHI Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd has just launched three new tyre variations stemming from Neuton to cater to mass-market demand. The NT Plus, NT Sport 2 and the NT Ranger A/T tyres were unveiled at the recently concluded Tyre Expo during the last week of March.

The NT Ranger A/T is a versatile tyre capable of providing grip on challenging surfaces in any weather condition. Manufactured mainly for SUVs, it utilises big tread patterns, stepped grooves and deep waved grooves, promising both durability and stability.

The NT Sport 2 tyre is developed for luxury sport cars to assure maximum performance with minimal noise. Slated to be durable yet economical, it is poised to allow users a whole new experience of steering, maneuverability and braking control at all speeds.

NT Plus tyres are developed for stability, safety and reliability.’S’ shaped grooves give added grip over the wet surface, ensuring an all-rounded drive in all situations.

* Credit to REV Magazine